Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our First Meeting! - January 15th 2011

We had a lovely meeting! It lasted almost 2 hours. We got to meet Claudia who makes the most gorgeous little tiny handformed and handpainted people who hang for jewelry or whatever you want to use them for, zipper pulls, earrings, pendants, ornaments. She also does very pretty artwork, that is hand cut and painted. Very lovely tiny details. It was a small meeting. But lovely. We talked about issues with shipping that we are currently having. US Customs stepped up stricter controls for checking international packages so this has caused some grief for sellers worldwide. We also talked about pricing, and ideas for other products with Claudia. 

Me (Laura) and Ilona cannot express how impressed we were with Claudia's little works of Art! Wonderful! You can find some of her work here and she will be joining us at the Next meeting on the 3rd Saturday of Febuary (location still being decided upon)
Please check out our Etsy Team Mexico page

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